Alex Talks

Alex Talks: Cynical Things and Xbox Ones

It’s a double-feature today. Initially I thought there wouldn’t be any crazy news, but it ends up Microsoft decided to throw an axe in that one.

Okay first, the regularly-schedule-chat about cynicism in the games industry (attached).

This one is pretty straightforward: let’s try to be less negative about absolutely everything. I know it’s definitely something that’s been touched on before, but I fall somewhere in the middle, and I don’t see a lot of that from games writers. I think it’s definitely healthy to have a good deal of skepticism when it comes to this industry, and it’s also good to go out of your way to be positive, but being too positive means you just seem oblivious. I’m trying to find a middle-ground here, but what do you think?

Now for today’s special broadcast:

I’ve already said a lot of what I feel about Microsoft’s decision to remove the Kinect from the Xbox One box, but this Talks is more reactionary. How do I feel about this choice? Well I think it was the smart move, and I feel like Microsoft has a lot riding on their E3 press conference now. Hopefully they live up to the expectation.