Alex Talks

Early Access Woes: Alex Talks

This time I may go off a little bit in this Early Access rendition of Alex Talks.

First I will point out that the formatting of the intro as changed. I got the idea from A Conversation with Colin. It’s just a stand in format for now, but whatever I decide on will probably be similar.

To give some context to this video, it was inspired by the “Greg Knows Shit” closing topic that Greg dropped on us during Episode 163 of the podcast. When given time to think about Early Access, I definitely wanted to vent about the issues I have with it.

Now I know what I say here doesn’t apply to every early access game, not at all. Even though I use DayZ and RUST as examples here, they were just taken because of their popularity.

Let me know what you think about early access. I consider it a problem, but I’m open to other opinions. This definitely isn’t the last thing I have to say about it.

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