Alex Talks

Goodbyes and E3s: Alex Talks

It’s time to say goodbye everyone. At least, for now.

It’s been a good run, but with the hectic-ness of my life now, it’s time to cut off “Season 2” of Alex Talks. We’ve had a damn good run though, if I do say so myself. I’m burning the candle at both ends here though, but don’t think that I haven’t loved every second of interacting with all of you who have watched.

To close everything out for this “Season” for lack of a better name for it, I talk about what I really liked from the showcase of E3 2014. A lot of awesome stuff got announced, and once again I’m excited about all of this Nintendo business. Plus, some new Souls fun, Fantasy Life, Dragon Age, and more.

Thanks for watching and really supporting me these past few months with Alex Talks everyone, you’re all the best.

Thank you. Until I talk again!