Alex Talks

Resurgence of Non-Hand-Holdy: Alex Talks

So games are hard again, apparently.

So, to give a little backstory, I’ve been sitting on this one for about a month or so. With all of the talk about DayZ and RUST on the podcast, I just felt like I couldn’t escape these weird, “hardcore,” you-create-the-game experiences. I don’t mind them, but I do find them a little frustrating, and the elitist mentality of, “if you aren’t good at this game then you suck at all games,” surrounding this whole genre really irks me.

I don’t really get into that in the video, but I do discuss how it seems to be a resurgence, kind of like a renaissance of the hard game all over again. I definitely like the idea, but I hope they get a bit more refined than the wiki-based, “read this article before you play” style we are dealing with right now.