Is Next-Gen the Coming of the Digital Age?

We are less than two weeks away from the arrival of the PS4 and next-gen gaming. Next-gen will usher in a new era featuring souped up graphics, new IPs, and renewed flame wars about which console is better. One thing…

Guest Column – The Next Generation

The newest generation of hardware is right around the corner. I actually have to say I am once again very excited. I love to play games and I have for a long time, so I’ve been able to watch them…

Bethesda’s Big Fault

Is Bethesda jumping into subscription-based games really a good idea?

Xbox One vs. PS4: Does it really matter anymore?

With the converging systems coming ever-closer, does it really matter what system wins anymore?

Morning After: E3 2013 Pressers

Man, this year’s banquet of press conferences really told us, as consumers, how big a deal $100 and transparency is.