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The “JRPG Hump”: Alex Talks

Another Tuesday Talk with some fun additions. Maybe.

JRPGs seem to be a very “frequent” point in Alex Talks (to put it lightly). It’s definitely my favorite genre, which if you look at my favorite games of all time, totally makes sense. I lean on them a lot 1) because I love them and 2) because I think they get a lot of completely unnecessary shit.

The “JRPG Hump” is the biggest example of this, and I know a lot of people through out declarations like, “just get through the first few hours, then it gets good,” which is just completely misleading and idiotic (in my humble opinion). Anyway, I go into detail in the video, so check it out.

ALSO: I tried out a bunch of new things in this vid, so tell me what you think. Added a new segment where you viewers can ask questions, and added some flashy colors. Give me your impressions!