Weird PS4 System Failure?

I’ve been running into this odd PS4 system failure. It just started happening randomly. Definitely not the TV, which has been functioning completely normally. The system starts sending buzzing noises through the speakers, then the TV starts flickering. Eventually the controller turns itself off and then the PS4 just turns off.

This happened twice (above is the second) and now the system won’t boot at all.

Stay tuned for updates.

Update: 1/14-

I’ve contacted Sony. The same problem persists, I just can’t boot the system anymore. Will not put out video, turn on white light, or display the Playstation logo. Also won’t boot to safe mode.

Talked to a Sony representative and they’ll be sending me a coffin to store the system in. As soon as they receive confirmation that I’ve shipped my console to them, they’ll send me a new one.