Input Ep.11 : Andrew House’s Legacy and Why Don’t We Support Game Devs?

Jurge sadly couldn’t make it on this week’s episode, but Jarrett and Logan soldiered on without him.

Input Ep. 10: Fortnite Usurping Battlegrounds’ Design and the end of the SAG AFTRA Strike

A wise man once said, “You made it a hot line, I made it a hot song.”

Input Ep. 9: YouTube Demonetizing LGBTQIA Content, Star Citizen, & The Netflix for Indie Games

The saga of YouTube and its relationship with the people who make them money continues, and the latest chapter is a troubling one.

Input Ep. 8 : PewDiePie, Hate Speech, and What’s Next?

Hey, so like PewDiePie said something pretty terrible…again.

Input Ep. 6: “2017’s Japanese Game Renaissance”
On this week's episode we spend the entire show discussing the resurgence of Japanese games this year. From what has lead to the resurgence, to the inspirations they are pulling from, to the cultural and socio-political reasons for the rise,…
Input Ep. 5: “SNES Classic Woes and CRUNCH”
On this week's episode we find ourselves without a Logan Wilkinson, but the pod must go on. Discussion Topics Include: The SNES Classic Pre-Order Disaster Walt Williams and Crunch  Works Mentioned: A Timeline of the aforementioned SNES Classic Pre-Order Disaster  The…
Input Ep. 4: “Harrassment, Your Brain On Games, and Sonic”
Input. Episode 4. Sort of a heavy one this week.   Discussion Topics Include: "Hey Look, Video Games Are Bad For You Again!" Online harassment and Discord's Response to the events in Charlottesville Is Sonic Mania emblematic of a platformer…
Input Ep. 3: “The Surprises and Significance of Hellblade”
On this episode of Input, the team takes a deep dive into Hellblade, the game itself and more importantly, how it surprises and how it's an evolution of the narrative focused independent genre. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Mark Brown's Tweets PC…