Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor Review

When I was in 12th grade I spent the majority of a partly cloudy Saturday in a classmate’s basement reading through Tolkien’s magnum opus, The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Not out of personal curiosity, mind you, but as a…

Titanfall Review

A world where heavy artillery falls from the sky and adrenaline is constantly fueling every move you make. “Today’s civilian is tomorrow’s Militia” is the motto to live and die by if you’re ranked amongst the IMC. Consequences are a…

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review

Remember the time when Plants vs. Zombies was just an innocent puzzle game that had some witty humor behind it? Even though the humor is still alive in Garden Warfare, PopCap decided they’d throw any amount of comfort out the…

Memoirs of a Deprived Xbox One

Seems like just yesterday Sony and Microsoft fanboys were at each other’s throats about which console was the best, not to say they aren’t still. Though I may not have made a scene in any comment threads, I was among…

The Real Next Gen

The United States is aflame with Next-Gen fever this month. People are lining up to be the first through the threshold of the new console generation, and in our excitement we are letting ourselves be blinded. Or at the very…

Ryse: Son of Rome Review

After Ryse was announced during E3, critics dealt this creative nonfiction story of Ancient Rome a bad hand. Although some of the arguments have truth to them, they are points that should help Ryse build on itself for any future…

Gaming Innovations of the Next Generation

The world of video games is on the brink of what seems to be the greatest console war to date. In the past, consoles have always fought head-to-head to dominate the market.

Bethesda’s Big Fault

Is Bethesda jumping into subscription-based games really a good idea?

Xbox One vs. PS4: Does it really matter anymore?

With the converging systems coming ever-closer, does it really matter what system wins anymore?

Editorial: Xbox One – Stagnation Before Innovation

Microsoft seems like they are on a repetitive course. Good thing, or bad thing?

Morning After: E3 2013 Pressers

Man, this year’s banquet of press conferences really told us, as consumers, how big a deal $100 and transparency is.