Monthly Passions: October 2014

Another month, another set of games. We are in fall now, so the big games are finally coming out. Here’s what we’ve got.

Monthly Passions: September 2014

More months, more passions! This time we are adding guest-passions from talented friends/writers!

Monthly Passions August 2014

Another month past, so it’s time to check in and see what the team has been playing!

Monthly Passions: July 2014

Another month, another series of distractions for the team to talk about.

Monthly Passions: June 2014

Japanese crazy, alphas, and shovels. A good month in June.

Monthly Passions: May 2014

Only a couple of weeks late, enjoy our discussion of the games we’ve been playing!

Monthly Passions: April 2014

Another month, another interesting set of games the team has been chugging away with.

Monthly Passions: March 2014

March 2014 is the biggest month for new-gen gaming since launch. How does it hold up?

Monthly Passions: February 2014

One more month into the year and things are getting hearty and weird.

Monthly Passions: January 2014

Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends – Fishy Tales of the Nekomata One of the selling points for the re-release of Muramasa Rebirth was the promise of new character story DLC that weren’t in the original Wii version as it was originally…

Monthly Passions: December 2013

The last Monthly Passions of the year. See what we played to say goodbye to 2013.

Monthly Passions: November

Zelda? Mario? PS4? Xbox One?! Man, November has been a great month for video games.