Beyond the Dead: For Better or Worse

Alex and Zack take a look at a couple of ever-changing survival horror franchises and examine what they can do better.

Steam Machines: Two Perspectives

Alex, a console gamer, and Niall, a PC gamer, share their respective thoughts on the news of Valve entering the console market.

Monthly Passions: September

This month, it’s a hodgepodge of HD remakes and Grand Theft Auto! See what the team was playing through the month of September.

Monthly Passions: August

The Irrational Passions team groups up again to discuss the biggest hits from the month of August.

Monthly Passions: June

The crew has a varied list from masterpieces to simulators that will take all of your time.

Top 10 Most Anticipated from E3 2013

As the whole team experience the E3 event together, we decided to put out our top 10 most anticipated from E3 2013. Keep in mind, these are all great games that we are all looking forward to, and this list…

Monthly Passions: February

More Monthly Passions for you guys to enjoy!

Monthly Passions: January

Greeting and salutations Passionettes and welcome to a new monthly article for the site called The Monthly Passions. This is where we from Irrational Passions post about the best games we play for in the month of it’s release. These…

Favorite Songs of 2012

The team was intending on doing a full podcast in memory of the fantastic music throughout 2012 coming from the games department, but since there just didn’t seem to be time with possibility of new consoles coming faster and faster,…

IP Team: Most Anticipated Games of Fall 2012

Fall 2012 is jam packed with great games to be excited about. Though there is plenty that has been shifted into early 2013, here is what we are looking forward to fall of this year. Alex O’Neill Darksiders 2 ~…