2014 “Half-Year” Game of the Year

Let’s see what the team considers the best game of 2014, so far.

Monthly Passions: June 2014

Japanese crazy, alphas, and shovels. A good month in June.

Monthly Passions: May 2014

Only a couple of weeks late, enjoy our discussion of the games we’ve been playing!

IP’s Thoughts: Your E3 2014 Do’s and Don’ts

The Electronic 3 is right around the corner, and we wouldn’t be a team that writes about games if we didn’t throw out some predictions or expectations on what we believe will be shown. Sure, we’ll probably be wrong, but…

Monthly Passions: March 2014

March 2014 is the biggest month for new-gen gaming since launch. How does it hold up?

Monthly Passions: February 2014

One more month into the year and things are getting hearty and weird.

Most Anticipated Games of 2014

So 2014 is actually upon us. It’s here. I still find it hard to believe that next gen consoles are out, available, and selling like gangbusters, and this is going to a defining first year for them, more than likely.…

Monthly Passions: December 2013

The last Monthly Passions of the year. See what we played to say goodbye to 2013.

Monthly Passions: November

Zelda? Mario? PS4? Xbox One?! Man, November has been a great month for video games.

The Games That Keep on Giving

No matter the console you’re deciding to play with this Thanksgiving, let’s put aside the console wars to appreciate games that gave us a little bit more bang for our buck.

The Best of a Generation: Cross-Platform

We look at some of the best games from the past eight years.

Monthly Passions: October

With this being the last MP before we are upon the Next Gen, get ready for some gems like Batman and The Wolf Among Us!